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Panasonic Z25 Aero Series High Wall Heat Pump – ETA END OF AUGUST


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Shipping: $80 Flat Rate Auckland


Small Room System // CS/CU-Z25VKR

Panasonic’s NEW premium highwall INVERTER Heat Pump series, the AERO VKR Series combines slim design and the most cutting-edge technology. Featuring nanoeX, INVERTER, AEROWINGS, i-AutoX.

2.5kW AERO Series Premium Reverse Cycle INVERTER Air Conditioner

Cooling capacity:  2.5kW
Heating capacity: 3.2kW


Aero Slim Design

The AERO slim design features sleek lines and graceful curves.


The nanoeX technology helps to inhibit pollen and the growth of bacteria. It also deodorises food smells and pet odour.

Versatile warming and cooling

Our Heat Pumps units are able to perform their heating function between environmental temperatures of -15° to 24°C.



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