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Floor Consoles & Cassettes

Panasonic Floor Consoles

A Panasonic Floor Console

Compact, elegant, super-quiet and highly efficient Floor Console range of single-split Inverter heat pumps, providing up to 7.10kW capacity output with heat down to -15ºC.



Mitsubishi Electric Floor Consoles


This range is specifically designed to discreetly sit at floor level or can be recessed into the wall, making them ideal replacements for traditional floor mounted heating appliances such as night-store heaters.


Daikin Floor Consoles

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Daikin’s floor standing heat pumps are compact and ideal for anyone wanting the convenience and access of positioning their unit closer to the floor. They can even be semi-recessed into the wall or in an unused fireplace. The units
use either top, or top and bottom discharge vents to distribute air evenly throughout the room.


Panasonic Inverter Ceiling Cassettes

A Panasonic inverter ceiling cassette

Powerful, highly efficient range of flush-ceiling-mount single-split Inverter heat pumps, with four directional vanes, up to 8.0kW capacity and optional air filtering.


Mitsubishi Electric Inverter Ceiling Cassettes

A Mitsubishi Inverter Cassette

Ceiling cassettes are perfect for both residential and office spaces.Cassette units are an ideal solution for unobtrusive heating, as they are largely hidden from view, with only the air grille fascia visible. This slimline design
ensures versatility and ease of installation.


Daikin Inverter Ceiling Cassettes

Sky air

Daikin’s Fully Flat Cassette is a powerful, efficient and discreet solution for commercial, retail and residential applications where both aesthetics and performance are paramount. The Fully Flat Cassette combines the latest technology
with innovative functions for high operating efficiency and user comfort, all within a unique design that allows the visible panel to fit flush within standard architectural ceiling panels. Designed for use in shops, restaurants and
small offices, Daikin Sky Air provides a comfortable environment for building occupants all year round and offers building owners substantial operating efficiencies to help minimise operating costs. Our new Sky Air series has been
engineered as an R22 retrofit solution. With a sizeable number of existing R22 systems in the field reaching the end of the useful operating life, the timely release of our Sky Air series provides a simplified replacement solution which
is also cost effective.

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