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Air Conditioning

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What airconditioning / heatpump do I need?

Every home is as individual as its owner in its requirements, choosing the wrong size for the room you need to heat can leave you cold and cost you more in power consumption.

The capacity and type of the air conditioning/heat pump that suits your situation best depends on many factors. The most important one is the area of the room, but also factors such as height of the room, location of the room towards the sun and glass area are important.

Insulation and building orientation are important considerations when it comes to potential heat loss. For example; an older home with less insulation will lose indoor heat far quicker than a modern well insulated home. A bigger heat pump system would therefore be needed to overcome this heat loss.

Because of the technical nature of correct sizing, Varcoe Refrigeration is more than happy to meet you on site or advise you from your plans on your best heating or cooling solution.

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Heating and Cooling

Heat pumps can be used for heating and cooling. 

The most obvious benefit of a heat pump system is its ability to energy efficiently provide warmth. This can be achieved with the simple touch of a button, on the remote from the comfort of your favourite chair or even from your phone through the wifi app. Heat pumps quickly increase the temperature of a room.

The “reverse cycle” refers to a heat pumps ability to work backwards. In addition to extracting heat energy from outside and bringing this in to your home, your heat pump also has the ability to  extract heat from your home and transfer this outside (in the same way a fridge works). The term “air conditioning” is more commonly used for the cooling function of your heat pump. 

Various Systems Available

There are various types systems available: 

Split Heat Pump System

The split system is ideal in one room or area like an open plan living area or lounge. The split system heat pump has a single outdoor unit to one indoor unit. The indoor unit is either wall, ceiling or floor mounted. This is a single room solution. 

Multi Split Heat Pump System

The multi split system has the outdoor unit connected to more than one indoor unit. This system is used when there is a need for heating in more than one room. 

Ducted Heat Pump System

A ducted system is a larger system, designed to heat and cool a whole house. It has one outdoor unit and the indoor unit is usually in the ceiling or under the floor. It distributes warm or cold air through ductwork and small vents located throughout the home. This is a whole house solution. 

Make your life more comfortable

Air conditioning/heat pumps enables you to make your home or work environment as comfortable as possible.

Not only can you control the temperature of your rooms, but you can also clean the air and enrich the oxygen levels. This feature works effectively on airborne and surface based micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and mould, thus ensuring a cleaner living environment. They are excellent for people who suffer from asthma and allergies. 

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